Five traits that take a Tennessee sales manager from so-so to spectacular

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Talk about high stress. You’ve done so well you’ve been promoted to sales team leader or Tennessee sales manager. Now you are not only accountable for your performance but a also the sales of a team or division.

Tennessee sales managers


But leading is about more than selling. Good leaders, communicate, coach and organize.

They share these traits:

1. Self-Direction: An effective sales team manager starts with taking a good look in a mirror. Do you approach people and situations with a positive attitude? A good leader continuously and consciously becomes an even better leader with attitudes and systems that create results.

2. People Skills: An effective sales leader must build trust, respect and rapport before earning influence. Yes, influence these days is earned – it does not come with a job title. Without this foundation, even an EVP of sales will fail to influence others, their attitudes, their behavior or their performance.

3. Process Skills: A top sales manager knows “process” is not a dirty word. A process that works yields repeatable sales results. But a process that worked in 1986 won’t fly today. The one constant is that many people get into sales because they are good at building relationships.

4. Communication: Between people and process is communication. Communication is not the same as oration or dictation. Communication creates understanding because it also involves listening. The best sales leaders actively seek suggestions and actually consider them.

5. Accountability: Effective sales leaders know how to close the gap between expected performance and actual results. They hold themselves accountable for both personal and team results.

Sure, sales leadership can be stressful. But a Tennessee sales manager who backs team members with processes that support them, communicates clear goals and coaches to bring out the best in each person smacks down stress before it takes root.

Still feeling so-so? Let us help. Dale Carnegie of Tennessee not only offers a course for sales team managers, we also do sales team assessments and help put together a program that leverages existing sales skills and builds new ones.



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