American Idol Star Bo Bice on Public Speaking Skills

American Idol Star Bo Bice talks about how the Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations course helped him develop the public speaking skills needed to close some pretty major business deals.

What better way to be able to communicate with the people in your field than to make it short, concise, and to-the-point and everyone knows what’s going on.  Its transparency.  When I see the folks in my industry, I think that Dale Carnegie and the process of stripping down what you know, and then handing you a new briefcase full of ideas and things that are proven to help, really sharpen your skills.

Initial Investment

My name is Bo Bice.  A lot of folks might know me from the television show American Idol.  And I have continued to record, produce music and different ventures in the music industry in the past 7 or 8 years.  And now I am on my up to Broadway to go and do a little stint there in the Pump Boys and Dinettes revision of the musical.  My initial involvement with Dale Carnegie came through a project that I did through my record label, Sugar Money.  We were putting out a download card, and when you are looking at a new technology or when you are trying to put across and portray the image that you want in a short time to someone in a presentation, you’ve only got their attention for about three minutes.  And I wanted to understand the proper way when I was out trying to let people to know about this new technology, and not just about what they expected me to come and talk about, which was my music. 

Speaking in Public

I’ve been able to see over the past year, in doing a few dozen of these speaking engagements, I’ve been able to see not only how the interaction between myself and the classes or theaters of people I am speaking to.  I’m able to have better dialogue with them because I’ve got a beginning and an end to my statement, whereas before it was more picking from here, picking from here, picking from here.  It’s not only made it more enjoyable for me to walk in and give those kinds of speeches and lectures, but I honestly see it in the eyes of the people; that they get it.  And that at the end of the day is what I came to Dale Carnegie to be more comfortable doing.