Commercial Realtor, Waddell Wright, Shares How Sales Training Skills Help Close The Big Deal

Commercial Realtor Waddell Wright talks about how Dale Carnegie Sales Training helped him close significant business deals.


My name is Waddell Wright, I own a company called Retail Development Group. We do commercial investment real estate and I’ve been doing it about 16 years. 

One of the specific examples i got from the Dale Carnegie Sales Training is: 
When I was going through the course, I was in the middle of a multi-million dollar sales transaction with a large national company located here in Nashville. During that transaction, we were selling 16 stores in about 3 different states and it ended up being about a 14 million dollar transaction. The seller or the owner of the real estate was in another state, and we had to talk to him over the phone initially. And I was able to convince him to do business with us through a benefit statement and also a credibility statement that we learned in the Sales Training Course. 

I highly recommend that others take the Dale Carnegie Sales Training because it will benefit you immediately and impact your bottom line. The return for me has been 100% positive because you can immediately use the tools that you use in this course and apply it to your business.