Two-day training will boost sales leadership skills, set tone for winning teams

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Steve Overton has seen plenty of great salespeople promoted to sales manager or team leader and struggle.

“Many people are promoted to sales manager because they are good at selling, but just because they are good at selling does not mean they are equipped to be sales leaders,” says Overton, director of Sales Solutions at Dale Carnegie of Tennessee.

Great sales people are a special breed, and leading them requires special skills.  To help all sales managers and sales team leaders meet their demanding challenges, we have teamed up with sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer to offer “Sales Leadership Excellence.”

The intensive two-day training in Nashville is Oct. 23 and 24.

sales leadership skills training

Top sales leaders coach to raise the performance of EVERY team member.

Today’s consumers, in both the B2B and B2C arenas, are more sophisticated, more strapped for time and more careful with spending. Sales teams and the managers who lead them need keen understanding of human motivation, group dynamics, personality traits and generational differences. Top-notch sales leadership skills make a difference.

The program equips both new and seasoned sales leaders to:

  • Develop and strengthen personal leadership and communication skills
  • Build a strong, productive, and successful sales team
  • Manage time and performance more effectively
  • Hire a top performing sales force
  • Conduct outstanding sales meetings that inspire and motivate
“People buy for emotional reasons and justify it with logic,” Overton says. “The two big reasons are a desire for gain or to eliminate pain.”
Likewise, sales leaders build successful teams when they understand motivation of each team member, and team members do best when they understand not only what motivates their customers but themselves.

“We not only train salespeople to be more effective and better understand customers and clients but sales leaders to coach to those behaviors and coach their people to greater success on an ongoing basis,” Overton says. “What we do is give people a roadmap from a leadership perspective,” he says.

Registration is open for Sales Leadership Success.

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