Objection or Opportunity: 2-hour sales training preps top sellers to keep the conversation going

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I am happy with our current vendor. We don’t plan any immediate changes with our business partners. Budgets are tight and the company can’t afford any additional services. We’re in the midst of some internal reorganization so everything is on hold.

Sound familiar? We’ve all heard them. Objections can derail a potential sale faster than you can say, “But I don’t even have my coat off yet.”

Sales Training to Counter Objections

Keep the conversation going when objections arise in a sales conversation.

Perhaps thinking of it as a “sales process” and not an “intelligent business discussion” is part of the problem. Anticipating objections, preparing answers to counter them and understanding the real business issues beneath them keep the conversation going.

That’s the goal, and a two-hour sales training workshop Nov. 29 will provide a roadmap for how to do it. The $29 workshop from Dale Carnegie of Tennessee is open to the public and runs from 6 to 8 p.m.

Steve Overton, our director of sales solutions, also suggests sales professionals track objections, share them with team members and prepare responses to the most common ones.

“Even the best salespeople don’t keep track of their top objections and are not as prepared as they should be,” Steve says. “The key is determining when the most common objections come up during the conversation.”

Learning to ask questions to get to the real issue is a game-changer. “It is really about probing to see if there is an opportunity, with enough information,” he says. “If salespeople haven’t done pre-approach information gathering, then shame on them.”

“When you go in not with a product but to talk about issues the industry is facing, you are having an intelligent conversation,” Overton says. “People won’t do anything until the pain of change is less than the pain of doing nothing.”

Are objections turning into a pain for you or your sales team? Steve’s got the remedy, so please join him on Nov. 29.

Check out the details and register for this sales training workshop. 


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