Rudy Leal of Jason’s Deli Talks About Maintaining a Consistent Culture in Different Markets

Rudy Leal talks about how Dale Carnegie helped him with the challenge of maintaining a consistent company message across seven states.

Clear Communication Is The Key

Every leader’s greatest fear is turning around, looking, and nobody’s following. So, what you’ve got to do, is be able to communicate a good message to where everyone can follow.

My name is Rudy Leal and I work with JenTex Deli.  We’re a franchise group for Jason’s Deli. My position is a market developer.  Essentially what I do is maximize potential.  We are in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

In our company, we send all of our multi-unit supervisors through a Dale Carnegie course.  The course I went through for example is leadership training for managers.

Maintaining A Consistent Company Culture in Different States

One of the issues that we face in being in seven states is messaging.  You have a vision, you have a culture that you want to develop in your company and we were stretching and growing so quickly, how do you keep this message intact?  How do you keep that culture intact?  And more than anything too, is once that message is communicated, that it stays. That it resonates with our folks. That way, once you do leave and go back to Tennessee or whatever state is next on the lineup, you know that this message is going to continue to go through that market.

Now it kind of leaves a little bit behind for each person, you go and do this in one market and then go and do it in another market, you’re coming back into a place where it is much more than you expect. You know, you are able to follow up a lot closer, a lot tighter, because our folks are able to understand our message a lot clearer.

In our industry, if you are not curious or challenging your environment, you’re definitely running the risk of falling behind.