Roscoe High, Southeast Venture

Commercial Real Estate broker, Roscoe High, comments on how Sales Training has helped generations in his family become successful.  


Get the Other Person Talking

People usually don’t want to talk about you, they want to talk about themselves. Nine times out of ten, when they walk away from a conversation where they’ve been asked a lot of questions, they’ll feel fulfilled, they’ll feel excited because you want to know about them.

Generations of Success with Dale Carnegie

My name is Roscoe High and I work with Southeast Venture as a commercial broker.  My (uncle) was first generation Dale Carnegie. They’re actually developers and had developed a lot of property around West Tennessee and Arkansas.  They eventually found out there was an opportunity down in Puerto Rico, so they went down there and started developing some resorts. He had actually taken a Dale Carnegie course and had been reading his books.

Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Broker

When I was moving over to this arena, I gave my uncle a call and asked him what he thought. He said,

“I want you to do this: Go get a sales book and read it, but I also want you to go take a Dale Carnegie sales course.” I was like, “Okay.” Pretty much, when he tells me to jump, I just say, “How high?”

The Interview

I remember sitting out in the parking lot, when I was considering signing onto here and he had called me up and said that we were going to do a mock interview. I was like, what? He just went right into it.  He started asking me all of these questions and acted like an employer and saying,

“If I’m the biggest head of the biggest commercial real estate firm in the southeast, and you’re sitting in front of me, tell me why it is that you want me to hire you? What is it that is going to set you aside from everyone else?

We go through it, he 100% just tore me apart. At the end he said, “you should have done this, this, this and this.”

“Once you take Dale Carnegie, you’ll be able to see, this is the way you handle questions. This is the way you approach problems; this is the way you work around different things to be able to show them who you really are and why you’re the best man for the job.”