Online Learning

Dale Carnegie’s e-learning goes way beyond the webinar. Classes are held live over the Internet and led by certified Dale Carnegie instructors. Most of the interactive, online classes last three hours, but the signature offering, How to Win Friends and Influence Business People, also is available online.

Take a look:


Attitudes for Service

Quality customer service creates a powerful ripple effect that leads to profitability and growth and invites clients to champion an organization that treats them well.



How to Win Friends and Influence Business People – Live Online

Ever heard of the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”?  This live-online training is like experiencing that book in 3D.  Learn how to gain buy-in, sell your ideas, and confidently get the attention of your superiors or peers.



How to Remember Just About Anything

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to get better at remembering names but never seem to know how.  It’s difficult to connect with someone if you’ve already met them and you forget their name.  We can fix that. 



Managing Workplace Stress

Trying to think critically while stressed is like trying to run a marathon on your knees.  Stress has actually been proven to take years off of our lives and drastically decrease the quality along the way.



Time Management

If you’re stressed out because you have too much on your plate, time management skills are no longer an option.  The ability to prioritize and execute in this today’s demanding work environment separates the successful from the mediocre.