Managing a multicultural workforce is only part of the picture. 

With Dale Carnegie, Tennessee-based corporations benefit from best practices around the world and true insight into managing across generations as well as cultures.

managing multicultural employees

Companies must understand that managing a multicultural workforce in Nashville in one key to success.

For the first time, employees from four different generations populate the workplace. Corporations also must introduce new technology with retraining – not once, but regularly. 

Dale Carnegie Training creates consistency in a complicated world. The manager of a call center in Murfreesboro receives the same foundation as an IT department head in Mumbai or a sales team leader based in Munich.

Some companies put managers from different departments through the same Dale Carnegie course – though not always at the same time – to build better communication, engagement and efficiency throughout an organization.

We also develop training with measurable results work in partnership with executives and managers.

Greater Nashville alone hosts 280 corporate headquarters with a global presence. Their reach is broad, their businesses are diverse but their challenges are similar. Successfully managing a multicultural workforce will shape their future. 

Dale Carnegie long ago figured out that companies could benefit from training he developed for individuals. Those insights benefit corporations across the world, but we tailor training here in Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

We know what keeps top corporate managers awake night. It doesn’t need to.