Whether Knoxville or Nashville, locally owned companies form the foundation of the regional economy.

Yet for businesses with 25 to 500 employees, getting to the next level  poses special challenges. Major corporations have more resources; small firms have more flexibility. In Chattanooga, Johnson City, Franklin or Nashville team productivity, organization and processes set the stage for increasing revenues.

But a mid-sized company that’s grown fast may lack infrastructure to sustain the momentum. One that’s treading water may have smart leaders with different ideas of what to do next. An organization that faces some tough decisions may stall and impair its prospects to reposition.

Dale Carnegie of Tennessee is a resource under all three scenarios. We act as a partner, meeting companies where they are with what they need. It can look like training programs to ease a strapped HR department, leadership coaching to build a unified vision or outside expertise to put tough topics on the table.

One size does not fit all, whether we are talking about locally owned companies or our work with them. Whatever the circumstances, our goal is to help a company and its people shine. Always.