Nashville Entrepreneur, Kailey Hussey, Shares Advice on Public Speaking and Growing a Business

Kailey is an involved member in the Nashville startup community and says that the Dale Carnegie Course helped her to step up and really be the spokesperson for CoLab that she is today. Under Kailey’s direction since January of 2010, CoLab has expanded to sixty businesses and two floors, and continues to grow the company beyond expectation.

Dale Carnegie Fosters and Grows Community

The community at Dale Carnegie was a challenging environment for people. It brought us closer together, and I think that is what we are looking for here at Colab too is to create not only a community but a place where we are learning and challenging each other and just making each other better in what we love to do.

I am Kailey Hussey, I am the director here at Colab Nashville. We are a co-working space in the downtown Nashville area and we’re about two years old now.

Stepping Up

I originally wanted to go into Dale Carnegie because I wanted to get some training from a business perspective. I had nearly graduated from college and was just looking for how to do my job better. I really didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised with the results and how I felt coming out Dale Carnegie.

It just helped me to gain the confidence to put my name out there and to speak at other events. We host lunch and learns every other week and I used to just let the speaker go up there and talk. I would never introduce them; I would never show my face.  I was a little shy about that and now every week I get up there and I introduce them. I talk a little bit about Colab and that’s been really beneficial.

In one instance, I spoke at a conference here called “BarCamp” and there were over 500 attendees, so that was great. Recently, I was just asked to be on the downtown development board.

I think it’s just helped for me to be able to step up and be the spokesperson for Colab and talk about this great community we have and the environment we have going on and just being able to brag about it a little bit. It has been really beneficial for us.