John Johnson, a Financial Advisor, Uses Sales Training Can Help You Communicate Your Message to Clients

John Johnson is a well-respected Financial Advisor in Tennessee. He tells how Dale Carnegie Sales Training helped him win even more clients than he was already winning. 

My name is John Johnson. I am a financial advisor with Edward Jones here in Nashville, TN. When I have a situation where a person comes into me and says, “how can I retire” or “how can I basically pay for the education of my kids” and that sort of thing, and in the little bit of time that I’ve got to basically go back to the drawing board and come back to them with some answers and responses that they look at and say this is achievable, that basically kind of sets me on in regards to being able to help them out.

Sales Training

It was kind of like the sales training was not only the icing but also the ingredients with regards to what I was doing.  I had been doing it for a long time. I kind of felt like “what was missing?” This gave me some ideas on why people did the things they did and why they didn’t respond to me the way I wanted them to respond.  I had some success; don’t get me wrong.  But what Dale Carnegie did, those persons that I didn’t reach, it allowed me to touch those individuals and find out why they didn’t do what I was recommending.  I felt like I had their best interests at heart, but they wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do, which would be to basically succeed and to reach their accomplishments.  So, Dale Carnegie allowed me to be in that situation where I could see and understand why they didn’t and maybe be able to go in a different direction to get them to understand that this is in their benefit.