Jack’s Barbeque Owner Jack Cawthon on the Benefits of Being a Leader in the Community

Jack’s Barbeque Owner, Jack Cawthon, talks about being 29 and “stuck in the mud.” He was great at selling himself one-on-one but taking the Dale Carnegie Course helped him get out in front of people and become a leader in the community, helping his business grow to the world-famous success that it is today.

Getting Out in Front of People

If you get out in front of people, it’s not as competitive as being in the back because you have to deal with all this traffic back here. But if you get out front, there’s not as many people.

And if you get good at it and people will listen to you, it helps you that much more.

Running A Successful Business in a Down Economy

I started out as a caterer… A high-end caterer, kind of like Martha Stewart. And as time went on, Jimmy Carter became president and the economy got real bad. The high-end catering wasn’t doing that well and people were calling me saying, “We’d like to use your services but we want barbeque, we want to down-size to something less expensive.”

Taking the Dale Carnegie Course

I was really good at selling myself one-on-one but I was kind of stuck in the mud. Then somebody told me about Dale Carnegie. He said, “you ought to take this course.” So I did research on it and found out about Mr. Carnegie and how good of a reputation the graduates had. So I signed up for course.

After Graduating from the Dale Carnegie Course

After I got involved in that and saw what it was all about, it really gave me a lot of encouragement and a light bulb came on. I thought, “this is going to give me an opportunity to get out in front of people and sell my idea about the barbeque concept in the community.”

Then, as time progressed (after I graduated from Dale Carnegie), I started putting that to good use in the areas that I started my barbeque place, like downtown. I would get involved in the community. That got me out in front of people and I started speaking to groups — and that started helping my business.

The Next Generation

Jay, my son, came up in the business. Right out of high school, he chose to go to work for his father. So I encouraged him to take Dale Carnegie. So he takes Dale Carnegie at 18 years old!

Now we’ve got Kyle, which is Jay’s manager. Now we’re grooming him and he’s taking Dale Carnegie.