IT professionals can’t hide any longer.

Systems architects, IT managers and and those who work for them can talk code all day long. If they can’t make their needs clear or achieve buy-in for important projects, their employers suffer. Their own careers will, too.

Long gone are the days when IT folks had a back office where civilians dare not tread. Technology today can make or break a company. 

IT communications skills

IT professionals need good people and communication skills to build their careers and boost their employers.

Making presentations, working with other departments and building teams falls on those who understand the technology and how it impacts everything from customer service to product delivery and system security.

Technology changes, often rapidly. For each company or organization, the technology may differ but the importance of articulating issues, selling ideas and leading projects does not. Two constants dominate today’s lightning-paced business world: Change and the need to communicate.

At Dale Carnegie of Tennessee, we’re great at working with IT professionals with awesome tech skills who want to master the rest of their increasingly demanding jobs.

IT people who communicate well with others make their companies stronger and expand their own opportunities.

Sure, we can talk tech. We’d rather talk people.