In-House Training

Pulling a team or a few key leaders out of the office for Dale Carnegie of Tennessee training is not  an option for every workplace.

So we come to you.

The arrangements for Nashville on-site training are as varied as the companies we work with. 

A Nashville public relations firm brought us in to help increase client sales and win more contracts. For an utility company, we built training around communicating with the community, internal and external stakeholders and across departments. Building a coaching culture within the organization was another priority.

For one health care organization, we created a series of 90-minute sessions with a customer service focus. As health care reform more directly ties pay to performance measures – with patient experience up top – Dale Carnegie in-house training equips staff members to handle new responsibility and the stress it may bring.

We can can bring to you on-site training that empowers employees to better handle stress, manage time, set priorities or make presentations. Dale Carnegie of Tennessee also works with company leaders to put together training to meeting an identified business objective – one that has measurable results.

Needs are not one-size-fits-all. Neither are we.