Who We Are

Dale Carnegie Training ripples far beyond the 8 million people worldwide who have taken our signature course.

By bringing out the best in people, Dale Carnegie can improve workplace attitude, job performance, professional confidence and everyday communication. Employers, supervisors, peers, direct reports, friends and family members benefit with every new graduate.

Our programs evolved from one man’s belief in the power of self-improvement to a performance-based training company with offices worldwide. We emphasize practical principles and processes that offer people the knowledge, skills and habits they need to add value to the business. 

Founded in 1912, the training has stood the test of time but not stood still.

global reach of dale carnegie

Ready to shake up your corner of the world?

Dale Carnegie’s original body of knowledge is constantly updated, expanded and refined through real-life business experiences. That includes extending the principles into a digital age where key interactions don’t always take place face-to-face.

In ways both fun and surprising, we at Dale Carnegie of Tennessee give people in business opportunities to sharpen their skills and improve their performance with eyes on the prize – positive, steady, and profitable results.

Right now, people all over the globe are in Dale Carnegie courses. We’ve have more than 200 locations in more than 80 countries and all 50 of the United States and more than 2,700 instructors present Dale Carnegie programs in more than 35 languages.

And all of them join the millions of graduates who speak the universal language of “Yes.”

Meet the Dale Carnegie of Tennessee team.