Sales professionals solve problems.

The best sales reps understand their business is about building relationships. As technology and life demands gobble up time and attention, losing sight of that is easy. Good ol’ southern charm only gets you so far, but a keen understanding of human behavior, buyer signals and customer expectations gets you much, much further.

Nashville sales professionals must perform in good times and bad and build new business while maintaining existing clients. A few really great ones are born to it; the rest of us need guidance to improve sales results.

build sales relationships

Building relationships leads to improved sales results.

Dale Carnegie of Tennessee offers sales training based on relationships and how people think. People don’t like to be sold but they do like to buy. Often they buy to solve a business problem. Or they buy to capture a personal dream. In both cases, emotion and logic play roles.

Understanding motivation puts a sales pro in the position to better engage prospects, make killer presentations, counter objections, build loyalty and target opportunities for repeat business.

This is not a formula as much a tool set. With it, Dale Carnegie Tennessee graduates make substantial contributions to their companies. After completing Dale Carnegie training, a young sales rep at a Nashville area pharmaceutical company helped streamline and improve telesales, which increased productivity 50 percent in four weeks and saved the company $40,000 in new hire expenses. And a national call center saw sales increase 40 percent after supervisors completed the signature Dale Carnegie course in Knoxville.

Successful salespeople don’t mind picking up the phone because existing customers enjoy talking with them. Those customers will buy more and open their networks to you. Cold calling comes with the job but time-tested methods with modern updates open doors – starting with a real person on the other end of the line.

Are we trying to sell you? That depends on how you look at it. If deals are hard to close and new leads are dry, we’d say instead that we are in a unique position solve your problem.