Your grandfather wouldn’t recognize Tennessee manufacturing today.

Maybe your dad wouldn’t, either.

Automation and technology integration have transformed plants across Tennessee but the transition involves more than machines. Employees as well as manufacturing supervisors must approach their jobs differently.

Of top priority are ways to implementing quality and improving efficiency at Tennessee manufacturers. Manufacturing supervisors know this is harder than it sounds.

Tennessee Manufacturing Efficiency

Improving productivity and implementing quality are top priorities for Tennessee manufacturers.

Change causes stress. Stress drops productivity and increases turnover. What Dale Carnegie of Tennessee does is equip line managers, team leaders and other supervisors with skills to ease transitions.

Our training also brings out the abilities of manufacturing supervisors to recognize what motivates each worker, prepare teams for change and nurture talent. Creating engaged employees builds an environment with less turnover and better return.

You’ve got the plant. We’ve got 100 years of growth through more than one big shift in manufacturing. Let’s make a plan.