Health care will change. People will not.

Health care reform puts customer service front and center. With HCAHPS and pay increasingly tied to performance measures and health outcomes, the stakes are higher than ever.

Managing change is not easy but it does not have to be painful. Our programs teach office administrators, medical coders, division managers as well medical staff and hospital system executives how to navigate change, build internal trust and work toward shared goals.

health care

Patient experience is a driver in how health care companies are rated and paid.

Health care is Nashville and Middle Tennessee’s top industry. That means improving health care customer service is not optional. As a key  sector, health care must thrive both for the sake of patients and the fate of the region’s economy. 

HCAHPS – Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems – only adds to already vast challenges:  working with insurers or providers; explaining options to patients; handling distraught callers who don’t know where to turn; creating efficiencies wherever possible; and building new relationships to launch accountable care organizations. The customer service component of health care will only grow in importance. 

Demands and challenges won’t disappear, but we can help your organization meet them and turn them into opportunities. The task is less daunting when viewed from the lens of a smart guy who a century ago created guidelines founded on the principle that all business is about relationships. Health care faces unique challenges but people are not unique. Boosting people skills makes health care companies competitive. It also is what we do.

Think of Dale Carnegie of Tennessee as a wise physician who’s seen it all. And the doctor says it’s time for a check-up.