Gaylord Opryland Banquet Manager, Daryll Jackson, on Leadership & Public Speaking

Daryll Jackson of Gaylord Opryland shares his insight on stepping into a new leadership role and also on how to effectively present ideas.

Stepping Into a New Leadership Role

You get a little bit shy when you get a brand new staff that is probably about 200 full, as far as how many people are there. You’re kind of unsure, are they going to accept you? And so on.

The class was perfect for me because I was able to utilize some of the techniques in there and learning everybody’s name and stuff like that and being able to picture them. It was a perfect time. I think the skills I learned, I still use today.

Hello, my name is Darryl Jackson, I am the Banquet Manager at Gaylord Opryland. I work in a 600,000 square foot convention center with 2,881 rooms in regards to the resort. This is what I do. We are standing in the middle of a 55,000 square foot ballroom, Delta Ballroom, which is our largest ballroom on the property. I have about 350 employees that work with us, or our stars, as we refer to them and this is what we do. Stars is an acronym, S-T-A-R-S is simply Smiles, Teamwork, Attitude, Reliability, and Service with passion.

On Leadership

Take care of your people. Listen to their needs. Don’t be afraid to get feedback from them. Sometimes feedback is kind of hard to swallow because you may think it’s personal, but in all actuality, it’s not. It’s like a barometer of what needs to happen.

On Public Speaking

When you are speaking about something very passionately or something you want to speak well about, make sure you know it. Know the material well. Know it backwards and forwards. You want to make sure you now every single thing that goes along with that material. You never want to walk into any particular subject matter or any speech 5 minutes into it. You want to make sure you’ve done your homework, so you can be able to speak with no thoughts about what you have said wrong.