Family-owned business finds strong partner in Dale Carnegie

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Hiller Plumbing in Nashville is a successful family-owned business that’s grown exponentially by adding services and buying smaller regional plumbing companies. It has 300 employees and eight branches across Middle Tennessee.

Jimmy Hiller Sr.

Jimmy Hiller Sr. says Dale Carnegie Training helps his family owned business be the best it can be.

As Hiller has grown, a few clear company values stand out:

  • Building and maintaining a strong team-oriented culture
  • Treating customers as part of the Hiller family
  • Communicating clearly and honestly, both internally and externally

When owner Jimmy Hiller Sr. wanted to improve operations even more, he gave Dale Carnegie Training a test run.

“I wanted to go through first and see what it was like and whether it was something I wanted to send my people to,” he said.

The answer? A big YES (with a Hiller smiley face). After he finished the course, daughter Megan Jenkins, customer service manager, and son Jimmy Hiller Jr., who runs the Murfreesboro operation, enrolled. They graduated earlier this year with their boss – and dad – proudly in the audience.

“Communication is a big part of what we do,” Jimmy Hiller Sr. says. “Everything that happens happens between people. Development of people inside the business is key to growing the business.”

The training boosted Megan’s confidence and improved her communication skills with team members. She’s better equipped to handle frustrated callers and coach customer service staff to do the same. The communications skills course, she says, “helps you figure out what you want to say and how you want to say it. Within the family, it has helped us hold each other accountable.”

Jimmy sees positive changes in both of his adult offspring. Overall confidence, comfort with leadership roles, and communication skills all evolved. He will send other key team members through Dale Carnegie Training to keep the momentum.

In the last 5-to-6 years, Hiller has doubled in size and tripled in revenue. Maintaining a consistent culture at any business is vital, and it makes a family-owned company even more competitive.

“The only real competition we have is with ourselves,” Jimmy says. “How can we do better? How can we operate better?”

Dale Carnegie Training, both Hillers say, helps make that happen.

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