Executive Coaching

Whoever quipped that the top is lonely probably wasn’t anywhere near it.

Tennessee C-suite executives have a literal or virtual line of supervisors, clients, industry partners, employees, vendors and  government leaders wanting their attention.

Executive Coaching in Tennessee

Executive coaching can clear the deck for growth and clarify goals.

The breadth of responsibility can overwhelm and leave little time for why these key people are where they are – to strengthen an organization by communicating vision and leading others in common purpose. With Dale Carnegie, executive coaching in Tennessee restores the balance.

Working closely with a trained executive coach from outside the organization gives leaders an opportunity to step back, think and build a framework for growth.

Each arrangement is tailored to match an executive’s desired business outcomes. The process involves interviews with the participant’s supervisors, peers and direct reports. The coach and client craft a plan with goals, action steps and metrics tied to real-world outcomes and projects.

One-on-one coaching sessions and phone conferences ensure dedicated focus and accountability across the five major leadership themes:

  • Risk-taking
  • Influence
  • Personal and professional leadership
  • Effective communications
  • Flexibility

The coach, who performs an assessment at the outset, follows up with another at the end of the process. Depending on the arrangement, multiple indicators can measure improvement as well as return on investment – quality, organizational strength, customer service, reduced complaints, retention, cost reductions, bottom line profitability, top line revenue and lower turnover among them.

Executive coaching taps hidden potential, creating effectiveness and efficiency. Who doesn’t want that?