Enthusiasm Cultivated!

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Do you find yourself buried in an enormous amount of piled e-mails? Or do you find yourself stuck at your job doing the same mundane task? Or reprimanding the same employee for the same mistake?


If this sounds like you, then you are not alone!


Most times in our careers, we become burnt out from the tasks that are given to us, or that we create for ourselves. Realizing our stress and worry early before the stress hits a boiling point saves us from becoming deranged! One way to turn around those drawn out tasks into positives is by becoming enthusiastic. By enthusiastic, I do not mean to stand on your desk and jump for joy. What I do mean is to discover areas in your job that you loathe to do, and then replacing that attitude with enthusiasm. This may sound simple to do, right?


That’s because it is!


Realizing the power of enthusiasm can cultivate positives in your workplace. E-mails that piled in the inbox for hours, or days, now become e-mails being responded to immediately when they are delivered. That mundane task now has an objective of being completed in two hours as compared to being done in five hours. Dale Carnegie identified enthusiasm as The Little Recognized Secret of Success. Enthusiasm helps to manage our attitudes and build relationships.


Remember that employee that needed to be reprimanded? Try honestly to see things from their point of view. You may discover that employee needs coaching for understanding their position clearly. That employee will feel great when their manager listens because they want to be heard!


Cultivating enthusiasm may seem like a big task to do, but it is not! Give yourself a pep talk or listen to a motivational talk from an inspiring leader. Commit to utilizing the power of enthusiasm to take the stress away and make those long workdays productive and fun.

Blog Post written by Andrew George

Questions? E-mail him at: andrew.george@dalecarnegietn.com

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