Develop Leadership Skills

Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership

Confidence and enthusiasm will build your leadership skills and visibility in the organization. What image do you project? Are you hesitant or confident? Shy or assertive? Think of the course as a career booster-shot.


Effective delegation helps develop individuals achieve specific organizational outcomes. Managers, just as employees, must do more with less in today’s lean, fast-paced times. Knowing how to effectively delegate tasks separates good managers from great ones.

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

There are few things that distract us more at work than conflict.  Dale Carnegie wrote the book on managing conflict and actually turning it around into something positive.  By learning how to recognize conflict and apply Dale Carnegie principles before it escalates, you can drastically decrease your stress level and increase productivity at work.    

Marshall Goldsmith – What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

What do Marshall Goldsmith and Dale Carnegie have in common?  They wrote two of the best-selling business books in history.  Can you imagine how helpful it would be if these two names combined to create a leadership course?

Overcoming Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm

Negative attitudes can spread like bad news, allowing naysayers to rob an organization of energy and potential. But good energy spreads just as quickly and can turn attitudes and performance in the right direction – forward.

Step Up to Leadership

Great managers develop high-performance teams that get results because they know how to lead teams, not just manage them. This two-session program breaks leadership into 20 challenges with strategies for each, plus the basics like time management, delegation and performance appraisal techniques.