Dale Carnegie Tennessee graduates invited to share their stories

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We love a good story.

And we’d love to hear yours.

We invite Dale Carnegie Tennessee graduates to tell us how their Dale Carnegie training, course or seminar made a difference in their lives. Did your confidence improve? Did you close more sales deals? Are you making more presentations at the office or to the public?

Dale Carnegie Tennessee graduates

We applaud all our Dale Carnegie Tennessee graduates and invite them to share their stories.

Our graduates are our best spokespeople and we want to share their stories in the Dale Carnegie of Tennessee blog. We also highlight stories of Dale Carnegie graduates in videos. Check out the video stories we’ve assembled so far.

Dale Carnegie training affects graduates in ways they don’t often expect. Coworkers, spouses and friends notice a boost in thoughtfulness, a drop in stress plus the more obvious workplace benefits – improved efficiency, clearer communication and stronger leadership among them.

“Share Your Dale Carnegie Story” is open to individuals as well as Tennessee companies that have used Dale Carnegie training. Don’t worry about writing a formal essay or anything – just jot down a few details and we’ll get in touch to help fill out the story.

Our graduates join an impressive roster of well-known names in business, government and entertainment. Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, actor Chuck Norris, investment magnate Warren Buffett, celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse, cosmetics giant Mary Kay Ash and American icon Johnny Cash are just a few of them.

But we prefer hearing the stories of people closer to home. The best stories, even during this magical time of the year, are true. We’d be delighted to share yours.

Click here to share your Dale Carnegie Tennessee story.

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