Want a great job in construction or engineering?

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Technical savvy only gets you so far in construction or engineering. If you really want to move up, improve your communications skills.

Engineering and construction project managers who know how to run meetings, make presentations, lead teams and build consensus have immense value.

Construction Project Managers

Great communications help engineering and construction managers move up in their careers.

The head of construction for one Nashville-based national health-care company knows this. All of his project managers went through the Dale Carnegie Course to help build a common language and way of working.

He noticed an immediate difference.

“Each of them gained better communications skills,” says Ed O’Dell of Lifepoint. “They learned better listening skills learned to be more clear in their communications.”

Construction demands technical skills, people skills and creative thinking skills. Communications and leadership training equip both engineering and construction project managers to work with a group and guide the members as a team to the best solutions.

“You do that through a lot of value decisions, establishing what has to be done and looking at as many options as possible to find the best way of doing it,” O’Dell says. “It is hard work and it takes creative thinking.”

Collaborators, not dictators, do better work. Project managers who walk in a meeting and dictate how it is going to be miss opportunities and make mistakes. A team member may know a better way, a smarter way, or even know that “the official way” just will not work but won’t speak up.

Construction project managers who sit at the table and invite discussion may be surprised by what they hear. A team member may have information no one else does. A different way of viewing the problem may lead to a novel solution.

The really good ones, as the meeting wraps up, ask colleagues to share any last questions or concerns. And then they listen.

The secret to winning bids is…..

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