The Importance of a Team

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An African Proverb once said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others”. During the course of my life, I’ve always had the mentality of, “if you want it done right, do it yourself”. Don’t get me wrong, I have always seen the value in teamwork […]

The Promotion of Mark Roberts


Nashville, TN (September 2016) – Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee is very proud to announce the elevation of Mark Roberts to Director of Instruction for the Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee franchise! Roberts will be leading the growing team of Trainers and coaches devoted to providing clients with WOW experiences for our clients. Roberts started […]

Three Ways to Avoid Death by Powerpoint

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It is 11:00 AM and a board meeting is scheduled to discuss future plans for the company. You walk into the conference room with your teammates and you all sit down at the table. The presenter walks in and begins to set up the presentation. The projector powers on, a PowerPoint presentation flickers on the […]

The Hiring of Kym Chavez


Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee is excited to announce the addition of Kym Chavez to our team as one of our new Performance Solutions Consultant in Chattanooga. In May, Chavez joined the Dale Carnegie Team with 20+ years of experience in the training industry. “We are excited for Kym to be joining our team. Her […]

How to Keep Your Cool When Presenting

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Last summer, I was sitting in a healthcare VP’s office chatting about his department. He told me about how they couldn’t gain buy-in from their CIO or other departments to push projects through that would greatly affect the security of their hospitals. He told me one of the reasons for their challenge is that nobody […]

The Promotion of Kara Hankins


Nashville, TN (July 2016) – Dale Carnegie Training of Tennessee is very proud to announce the elevation of Kara Hankins to Sales Leader for their public course business in Nashville, TN!  Hankins will be leading the growing team of salespeople devoted to working with their clients through Dale Carnegie’s public course offerings. Hankins started with […]

Why Does The Customer Want It?

Why Does the Customer Want It

So you know what the prospect wants, do you know why they want it? In order to sell your product or service with purpose, and with confidence, you need to not only know what the other person wants, you need to know why they want it.  It’s not enough to simply know what they want.  […]

Earning the Right to be Heard


As a young business professional, I struggle with feeling like I have earned the right to be heard. I am a 21-year old recent college graduate who has only been working full-time for six months. There are plenty of professionals who have more intelligence, experience, expertise, wisdom, and talent than me. All of their qualities […]

Shake Off Your Mistakes

Shake Off Your Mistakes

Do you sometimes feel as though you make mistakes that begin to build up on you?  Starting with one mistake, you may get flustered and then you make another, from there it builds.  To stay on track and not make these mistakes, you must understand that no one is perfect.  Everyone has days where it […]

Top 5 Mobile Apps That Every Professional Needs

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Knock knock. Guess who it is? It’s the 21st century knocking. It might be time to update the business apps on your mobile device. Technology is developing so rapidly that it is difficult to know which apps to use. There is a plethora of helpful apps out there, yet I would like to share with […]