Earning the Right to be Heard


As a young business professional, I struggle with feeling like I have earned the right to be heard. I am a 21-year old recent college graduate who has only been working full-time for six months. There are plenty of professionals who have more intelligence, experience, expertise, wisdom, and talent than me. All of their qualities […]

How to Shine in One Minute or Less


Can you successfully sell yourself in 1 minute or less? Most people don’t know exactly what to share about themselves in an elevator speech, so they tend to ramble on and take much longer than 1 minute. They never really get to the point. Or any point, come to think of it. Recently, I’ve been […]

Why Introverts Should Take the Dale Carnegie Course


If you are an introvert like me, you know how nerve-racking and uncomfortable life can be. It’s not easy to be an introvert in today’s business world. Between all of the networking events, meetings, and interviews, it can be so overwhelming and overstimulating. While we can secretly wish we were at home alone watching Netflix […]

Present Yourself in the Best Possible Light


It’s not fair, but it is true.  Our competency, credibility and capabilities are judged by our ability to present them.  How often has an excellent thinker been ignored because of an inability to articulate that thinking?  It’s not fair, but it is true. Here are five ways to present yourself in the best possible light: […]

Coleman Taylor wins BBB award, helps build self confidence

Coleman Taylor Transmission

Vehicle owners typically don’t show up at a transmission shop in a great mood. But when they leave Coleman Taylor Transmission in Franklin, they likely are just fine. That’s because the company takes great care in training employees how to interact with customers as well as colleagues. The “Golden Rule” has governed how Coleman Taylor […]

Finding Direction: Father and son share similar experiences

finding direction

Overton Colton remembers graduating from Sewanee with a liberal arts degree and finding himself in Washington D.C. as a young man trying to make sense of the world. His sister, a Dale Carnegie graduate who also taught the course in New York, suggested the Dale Carnegie Course. Overton enrolled and was the youngest person in […]

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