Earning the Right to be Heard


As a young business professional, I struggle with feeling like I have earned the right to be heard. I am a 21-year old recent college graduate who has only been working full-time for six months. There are plenty of professionals who have more intelligence, experience, expertise, wisdom, and talent than me. All of their qualities […]

How to Shine in One Minute or Less


Can you successfully sell yourself in 1 minute or less? Most people don’t know exactly what to share about themselves in an elevator speech, so they tend to ramble on and take much longer than 1 minute. They never really get to the point. Or any point, come to think of it. Recently, I’ve been […]

Why Introverts Should Take the Dale Carnegie Course


If you are an introvert like me, you know how nerve-racking and uncomfortable life can be. It’s not easy to be an introvert in today’s business world. Between all of the networking events, meetings, and interviews, it can be so overwhelming and overstimulating. While we can secretly wish we were at home alone watching Netflix […]

Present Yourself in the Best Possible Light


It’s not fair, but it is true.  Our competency, credibility and capabilities are judged by our ability to present them.  How often has an excellent thinker been ignored because of an inability to articulate that thinking?  It’s not fair, but it is true. Here are five ways to present yourself in the best possible light: […]

Want a great job in construction or engineering?

training for project managers

Technical savvy only gets you so far in construction or engineering. If you really want to move up, improve your communications skills. Engineering and construction project managers who know how to run meetings, make presentations, lead teams and build consensus have immense value. The head of construction for one Nashville-based national health-care company knows this. […]

Not the magenta! Learning to disagree agreeably

David Humes presentation skills

Time management, stress management lasting lessons, too One workplace interaction stands out in David Humes’ memory because he now knows how he would have handled it better. David is the graphic designer in Barge Waggoner Sumner & Cannon Inc.’s marketing department, working directly with the firm’s executives on presentations, supporting material and marketing pieces. When […]

Bo Bice: Communication should top list of business skills for artists

Bo Bice Business Skills for Artists

What business skills for artists do successful ones wish they’d developed earlier in their careers? Chances are the answer won’t be about their music or other creative output. Artists may say negotiation skills; they may say public speaking; they may say getting to the point. They all boil down to communication. Musician Bo Bice already […]

‘Paralyzing fear’ shrinks after Dale Carnegie presentation skills training

presentation skills training.

Jenice Saint was the valedictorian of her class at a small private high school in Pennsylvania but the idea of public speaking so terrified her she did not give a speech. She didn’t even write one. “I didn’t give the speech because of paralyzing fear,” Jenice says. “I regret it to this day.” That was […]

Caught off-guard? Respond with tools used in presentation skills training

presentation skills training impromptu session

  Many people are uncomfortable thinking on their feet. They prefer time to ponder a question or problem and respond when they feel they have more control. But today’s crazy pace of business does not always include the luxury of time. A manager may want feedback. A water cooler chat may put you on the […]