Dale Carnegie leadership training seminar to benefit United Way of Greater Knoxville

united way knoxville

Knoxville area businesses can send up to four employees to a day-long Dale Carnegie Leadership Seminar for less than a third of the standard cost – and the tuition paid goes directly to United Way of Greater Knoxville. Dale Carnegie of Tennessee is partnering with Club LeConte and United Way to offer the program, “How […]

Leverage referrals to amp up sales lead generation

Business Referrals

Has your once steady flow of leads turned into more of trickle and your existing customers spend less and less? Want to rejuvenate your sales lead generation? One word. Referrals. You may hesitate to ask a current customer for a referral, but following these six steps helps create create a simple, conversational process so you […]

Caught off-guard? Respond with tools used in presentation skills training

presentation skills training impromptu session

  Many people are uncomfortable thinking on their feet. They prefer time to ponder a question or problem and respond when they feel they have more control. But today’s crazy pace of business does not always include the luxury of time. A manager may want feedback. A water cooler chat may put you on the […]

Objection or Opportunity: 2-hour sales training preps top sellers to keep the conversation going

Sales Training to Counter Objections

I am happy with our current vendor. We don’t plan any immediate changes with our business partners. Budgets are tight and the company can’t afford any additional services. We’re in the midst of some internal reorganization so everything is on hold. Sound familiar? We’ve all heard them. Objections can derail a potential sale faster than […]