Project management exec on confidence, human relations principles

Nancy Merrill talks about how it is nearly impossible to get anything but incredible results if you take the Dale Carnegie Course.  It has changed the way she approaches everything from staff meetings to conversations with her 9-year-old daughter.  

Astounding Results

I don’t know how anybody who steps into the class that says, “I’m really going to commit myself to this, for these 12 weeks,” could have anything but an astounding result.

I am Nancy Merrill.  I am Vice President of Project Management for BMI, Broadcast Music Incorporated.  

We Learn By Doing

We learn by doing, and I think there are some things that can be learned in short courses, short seminars. But these principles that you learn throughout the 12 weeks, being human relationship principles, are meant to be applied.

So when you are just going into a meeting, you’re having a conversation with your 9 year old daughter who’s arguing with you, that’s when these come in, and they become a normal way that you react to things. It’s not until I think about the course that I say, “Oh, I don’t think I’ve done that that way before.”

And it’s that quiet confidence that changes your entire approach, and that’s the real value of it.

We as humans, we just don’t change. If you can recognize that and apply the principles in any area, then the result will be astounding.

What The Class Is Like

You become friends (with your class members), you really do. You get to understand everybody’s challenges, and where their insecurities are.

And the group becomes a team, and you support each other. It’s having that set of tools to call upon in any given situation. As you walk in here, you think, “I’m going to be a better speaker and a better manager and this is great for my business; this is great for what I do.”

But it’s significantly more than that, and it just ties everything together because then it’s relevant, and it’s important. Everybody within the group is talking on the same subject.