Co-op sees savings, team building and ROI

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Greg Williams knew what Dale Carnegie training could do for his employees but even he was overwhelmed with the results – and ROI – from the most recent course.

AEC team building

One AEC team building project revamped the co-op’s “staking sheet” with a smaller format that saves time on work orders.

Greg is general manager of Appalachian Electric Co-operative, which serves parts of Jefferson, Sevier, Granger and Hamblin counties east of Knoxville. AEC paid for 24 supervisors to take the 12-week course as a group. Dale Carnegie TN customized the training and broke participants into six teams that created and implemented money-saving projects for the co-op.

Projects ranged in complexity from converting paper manuals into electronic documents to improving the utility’s ability to reduce voltage during peak hours.

The numbers? A total annual savings of at least $104,000. But the money wasn’t even the best part.

Greg calls the co-op’s work with Dale Carnegie of Tennessee “transformational.”

“We are stretching ourselves in important ways that we never have before. The training has given our employees the opportunity to reflect on their jobs and how they can do them better,” he says. “Yes, the ROI projects will help the Co-op’s bottom line but it goes deeper than that. It helps each of us to be the very best we can be.”

AEC supervisors still received the core Dale Carnegie training that builds self-confidence and boosts communication, presentation and stress management skills, among others. Beyond the savings, the training and team building projects brought AEC mid-level supervisors from different departments together, creating a common sense of purpose and greater employee engagement.

“There was a lot of team spirit, a lot of synergy, and a lot of enthusiasm,” Greg says.

team building training

Two dozen AEC managers took Dale Carnegie training together as part of an ROI and team building project.

This was the third group AEC enrolled in Dale Carnegie training. The first two rounds involved top-level supervisors and were so well received that Greg wanted to “drill down” into the next level in the organization and add the team-building component. AEC paid for the training and also paid employees overtime for each of 12 evening classes.

“We sent a very strong message we were investing in you,” Greg says. “The better employees they can be, the better co-op we can be.

“The strength of any company is in its employees,” he says. “We provide electricity but we can’t do it without people.”

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