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Shake Off Your Mistakes

Shake Off Your Mistakes

Do you sometimes feel as though you make mistakes that begin to build up on you?  Starting with one mistake, you may get flustered and then you make another, from there it builds.  To stay on track and not make these … Read more

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Top 5 Mobile Apps That Every Professional Needs

Knock knock. Guess who it is? It’s the 21st century knocking. It might be time to update the business apps on your mobile device. Technology is developing so rapidly that it is difficult to know which apps to use. There is … Read more


How to Shine in One Minute or Less

Can you successfully sell yourself in 1 minute or less? Most people don’t know exactly what to share about themselves in an elevator speech, so they tend to ramble on and take much longer than 1 minute. They never really get … Read more